Wheeler Dealers S3E10 Lancia delta HF Integrate 8v Part 2

Each episode focuses on a used car from purchase to his rehabilitation and sale.
The episodes are opened by Mike Brewer following the path of a buyer looking for a particular
model of used car online. After restricting his research, he contacted the sellers, carefully
inspect the vehicle and try and then negotiates the price.
Back in the mechanical workshop of Edd China, Mike Brewer entrusted him with the car and gives
it a budget for repairs based on the purchase price and market rating to make a profit.
Detailing each repair the camera, Edd China to repair or replace parts often negotiated by Mike Brewer.
Once the car restoration, it is tested by both presenters and the sale on the classified sites
(or collectors) at a rate that takes into account the restoration. Finally, each sale is negotiated
by Mike Brewer.

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