TST Podcast #299 – Anthony Lahner of Exoticar

Anthony Lahner started his career painting wheels in alleys, but now he runs a company that can restore or perfect the look of any car. We interview him in the second half of the show, after Matt and Zack talk about drifting and bad car movies. He brought Matt's R32 GT-R back to factory-fresh and upholstered the interior of his Mustang, but he's done far more than that, from cutting his teeth working at a luxury service center to painting out of a van. He's learned which luxury cars are cheap, what causes some weird Ferrari problems, how to protect you car, and has some funny stories about the early days. In addition, Zack took his E46 drifting- finally- and saw some interesting match ups at the track, so we compare the drifting dynamics of an M3, a 240SX, and the other things we've slid. Topics also include a hilariously-bad car movie from the 80s, why gasoline gets hot, and plenty more. EXOTICAR:
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