Tractor Pulling Italy 2017 – Big Engines, Turbo Sounds, Flames, Show More!!

Yesterday I went to record my very first Tractor Pulling event. It's also called Power Pulling or Truck and Tractor Pulling and it's a very old motorsport widely popular in the US, Germany, Denmark, Nederlands and Australia. It consists in modified tractors and trucks that have to pull a heavy sled (each class have its own wheigt to pull) along a 100 mt (330 foot) long track. Pulling the sled for the whole track is called a "full pull" and the tractor that pulls the sled the farthest distance is declared the winner. If more than one competitor reaches the full pull mark, a pull-off is held to determine a winner. The sled contains a box filled with weight that is mechanically winched forward as the sled progresses along the course. As it is pulled down the track, the weight is transferred from over the rear axles and towards the front of the sled so the farther the tractor pulls the sled, the more difficult it gets. Tractor pulling is known as the world's most powerful motorsport, due to the multi-engined modified tractors. This video I made contains only the qualifying pulls and it's from the 3rd round of the Italian Tractor Pulling Championship held in Agazzino. The type of terrain was really challenging so I couldn't appreciate the real power of some of this monsters, forced to leave the throttle soon in order to avoid breakages, damages or other heavy failures. Hope you like it beacuse I'm quite in love with what I saw and hear, just like that flutter at 6:13, those flames at 8:10, that triple engined monster (each engine is a 28-litre V12 engine with around 3000 hp...) or those mighty trucks! ---I'm sorry but I don't know the exact specs and classes of each machine but I place the scenes in chronological order, starting with the "less" powerful class, than Pro Stock class (from 5:17 to 8:32), the heavily modified monsters (8:35 to 11:56) and finally the truck class. DD Star Team - The Joker (8:39) is powered by a Curtiss Wright R3350 radial 18 cylinders engine, same engine of the B-29 bomber with more than 3000hp. Splendido Team - Sota Spirit (9:25) has a double Chevrolet 540 Big Block Superharged engines. Team Turbo 2000 - Tornado 2 (9:56) is powered by three Allison 28-litre V12 aircraft engines with 3000hp each. Rocco Power Team - Four NoHemi (11:28) powered by four Hemi 8.6-litre supercharged V8 engines with a combined power around 10,000 hp. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to thanks my friends and Youtubers Italiansupercarvideo ( for introducing me to this crazy motorsport. Don't forget to subscribe to his great automotive channel for more videos! -- Subscribe to my 2nd channel here: You can also find and follow me on: - Flickr: - Facebook: - Google+: - Instagram: - Camcorder: Canon Legria HF G40 + Canon DM-100 Microphone - Event: Italian Tractor Pulling Championship 2017 - Where: Agazzino, Italy Link To My Channel: THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SUBSCRIBE!!!
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