Tophat Defender 90 w/ Corvette 6.2 V8 LS3 Engine Exhaust Sounds!

This time I have filmed a pretty unique car: it's the Tophat Defender 90! With the LS3 upgrade package they literally offers everything you would need to put all that power and torque to the road safely and comfortably. Under the hood of the Land Rover Tophat Defender 90 you will find the 565hp 6.2 V8 LS3 engine. Other futures are the T56 Magnum manual 6 speed transmission, fully upgraded drive train, specially developed AP Racing brake setup, air suspension, Tophat KONI shocks, tailor made interior and lots lots more! For more information go to Liked the video? Click the 'like' button, comment, and subscribe! Follow me: Subscribe: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:
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