“That’s Pretty Far Joe”

Getting to a million miles isn’t typical. But neither is Joe. See his remarkable story: Million Mile Joe put himself on the map by driving all over it in his 1990 Honda Accord. How far is a million miles anyway? Here’s some perspective. Driving a Honda for a million miles is an extraordinary feat. So how did Joe do it? For starters, he’s read and followed his owner’s manual and maintenance schedule to the letter. He’s also a stickler for fluids, he checked them weekly, switched them seasonally (10W-30 in summer and 5W-30 in winter), and changed them every 5000 miles. He’s been loyal to the same brand of oil and never let it go below a quart low. You know how most people let their fuel go to almost empty? Joe never did. He’s also a creature of habit, using only Honda air, oil and fuel filters. Joe never rode heavy on the brakes, and changed the fluid every few years. He’s also replaced the fuel pump, both cooling fans and the radiator twice. Besides his fastidious maintenance, Joe’s Accord made it to one million miles because he’s loved it. He’s treated it with respect and always drove it responsibly. In fact, Joe has only gotten one speeding ticket in a million miles—that must be some kind of record. When it comes to driving, Joe’s the man. Check out Joe’s story at

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