Thanksgiving Break The Future of One Takes

This is just an update video explaining what's happening over the next few months with TST. If you don't want to watch the whole thing, here is the TL:DW 0) The One Takes series is coming to a close, and our last shoot date is November 27th. 1) We are closing submissions for One Takes, and not accepting any more submissions at all, of any kind, going forward. Matt will continue doing videos with select press cars and shop-owned Tuner vehicles into 2018. 2) We have over 40 One Takes shot and un-aired, so content will continue airing until the beginning of 2018 3) We are taking off the remainder of the week for Thanksgiving, and returning Monday 11/27 4) Podcasts, both in audio and video form, will continue 5) We are starting a new podcast about Watches with Cameron Weiss beginning January 2018 6) Matt breaks ground on his collector car storage facility in West LA. For inquiries, or to become a future customer, email
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