Project Fox Mustang – YouTuber Hot Lap Challenge (w/ Justin Bell)

In this video Matt and the Fox Body Mustang, having been sorted as good as it will ever be, head to Dream Racing's Las Vegas Motor Speedway infield track to find out who has the fastest project cars from an assortment of YouTubers, on an invite from Rob Ferretti. Matt gives his on-track impressions of the Mustang, and sets his own lap time, then hands off the keys to LeMans GT2 WInner Justin Bell for his impressions and the 'official' lap time. Matt's Wardrobe by: G-Force Racing: Crown And Caliber Check out Justin Bell's YouTube Channel Here! Check out the official SuperSpeeders Project Car Challenge Results Video Here: Check out ThatDudeinBlue's Video Here: Check out TommyFYeah's Video Here: Check out Dahm's Project Car Challenge Video Here:
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