Porsche Panamera Sneak Previews in Central and Eastern Europe

For the launch of the new Panamera, Porsche hosted five exclusive Sneak Previews in Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and Slovenia to present the car to Porsche enthusiasts from 26 countries. All five events were hosted in different surroundings - from a concert in the Symphonic Orchestra Hall in Katowice up to outstanding dinners with three-star Michelin star chef Christian J?rgens from Germany. Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: Panamera Turbo: 9,4 - 9,3 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 214 ? 212 g/km; Panamera 4S: 8,2 - 8,1 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 186 ? 184 g/km;
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