Goldeneye Rogue Agent Top Secret Easter Egg – Mini Egg Mondays

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Featuring: The Top Secret Room
Episode 8 Mini Egg Mondays: A home to discover, uncover and share an Easter egg or secret, new, retro, big or small, mini egg mondays will cover them all.


This video contains me reviewing and sharing a secret which is tucked away in Goldeneye Rogue Agent which was released on the Xbox. The video contains visuals of the game and all footage comes with in depth and educational voice overs and the video game footage lasts for over 3 minutes.

The music at the beginning of the video is called 1.Universal Dubstep(standard­_licence) the next piece of music is 2.BEAUTIFUL EMOTIONAL ORCHESTRA MAIN 2_.20(standard_licence) followed byAPPY MODERN ORCHESTRA MAIN 1_.20(standard_licence) and 5.Simple Chords (standard_licence)
The music i have used for this video i bought from
1.Universal Dubstep 07/02/2015

The Sound Effects i have used for this video i bought from
1.WHOOSH 42 16/02/2015

The music i have used for this video i bought from and i have the licence to use the music synchronised in an audio/visual context non-exclusively worldwide ( i also have a copy of the licence that was sent to me once i had purchased the music dated 07/02/2015 and 18/02/2015 and 20/09/2014 04/04/2015

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