CRAZY Ape Car Proto w/ Honda 600cc Engine – Loris Rosati SHOW + OnBoard!

This is something I was quite anxious to film and show to you, and it's about an Ape Car Proto, powered by a Honda 600cc engine, driven and built by Loris Rosati. I'm not 100% sure but I think most of my foreigners followers probably never heard of an Ape car. Well, an "Ape car", or simply called Ape, is a three-wheeled light commercial vehicle produced since 1948 by the Italian company Piaggio (same producer of the more famous Vespa). The Apes (Ape means "Bee" in Italian) featured 50 cc, 125 cc, 150 cc and 175 cc engines. In the current ones you can find a proper car steering wheels but usually they are controlled with scooter style handlebars. It was designed to host just the driver but tightening a bit, 2 people could fit in the little cab. With a very low top speed, a good torque and for its dimensions you can find most of this little vehicles on mountain villages for light delivery works. Given its popularity here in Italy it's more than obvious that sooner or later someone would have found a way to make them races in organized championships. In fact, in 1991, in the North of Italy there was the very first race for Ape Proto: heavily modified Apes, with more powerful motorbikes engines, motocross derived suspensions, quad rear tyres and many other mods based on the owner's liking. Generally these races are against the clock, but it can happen to find some GP-like competitions, and they takes place on dirts, tarmac, snow or ice. The most funny and entertaining thing to watch is when some of these crazy builds are called to make some show runs during major events, such the one you see in this video where Loris and his #95 Lightning McQueen Ape did during the 2018 Italian Historic Cars event in Camaiore, on a narrow "slalom" street circuit! Enjoy the great stunts and show (with a few on board footages too)! Hope you like it! ;) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to thank my friends and youtubers Italiansupercarvideo ( and Davide458Italia ( for letting me use their shots taken during the event and for the great collaboration done. Don't forget to subscribe to their channels!! -- Subscribe to my 2nd channel here: You can also find and follow me on: - Flickr: - Facebook: - Google+: - Instagram: - Camcorder: Canon Legria HF G40 G30 + Canon DM-100 Microphone - Event: Italian Historic Cars Camaiore 2018 - Where: Lido di Camaiore, Italy Link To My Channel: THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SUBSCRIBE!!!
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