BMW X5 MY 2018 | Spy video (november 2016)

BMW is going to replace the 2013 BMW X5 by an all-new model in 2018. Code-named G05, the new model will be based around the innovative Cluster Architecture (CLAR) which is lighter, stiffer and more flexible than today?s platform. Featuring identical exterior measurements to the outgoing model, also design-wise the new X5 will be rather close to its predecessor ? it?s more evolution than revolution. But under the bonnet, a huge range of engines will be available from the start: four-, six- and eight-cylinder engines will offer power up to 700 hp. Iscrivetevi al nostro canale: Seguiteci su Facebook: Seguiteci su Twitter: - @motorionline Le nostre migliori foto su Instagram: - @motorionline Tutti gli aggiornamenti su Tumblr:
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