BMW X3 – spy video

The upcoming BMW X3, codenamed G01, got spied again, this time snapped while racing the German Nrburgring track. The next-gen X3 will be based on the new CLAR architecture and will be a rear-wheel drive model at its core even though such an offering may not come. The good part is that the xDrive system will retain its entertaining character, sending most of its power to the rear and making the X3 the champ of its segment in terms of driving. However, the bad side is that space inside won?t be tremendously improved, the transmission tunnel still being used for the prop shaft. Under the bonnet, the new B family of engines will be used but the big question is how low will they go in terms of displacement. 3-litre and 2-litre mills on both petrol and diesel fuel will be used but 1.5-litre 3-cylinders could also be offered for an entry-level plug-in hybrid. It would be the first time the X3 receives such a layout. Speaking of which, it?s more than likely to see the new model offered with at least one such option. Be it the powertrain from the 330e or the one from the X5 xDrive 40e, at least one of them will be used. As for the chassis, it?s expected to shed some serious weight due to both the new CLAR architecture but also extended CFRP usage. New onboard tech should see the X3 become the leader of the segment in this regard, with a lot of new features coming in from the 7-series flagship. Enhanced driving assistants, as well as a satellite-aided transmission, are expected while an M40i M Performance model is no longer doubted, being a certainty due to the recent unveiling of the X4 M40i model. Don?t expect big changes in terms of design, though. One can notice the narrower front fascia with elongated shapes, stretched to the exterior of the SUV. Of course, this is still a pre-production model that is also heavily camouflaged but some details can be made out, such as the smaller air intakes as well as the twin tailpipes at the back, hinting at 3-liter engines. To top everything off, the new X3 will also be built in a particular, long-wheelbase version destined for the Chinese market alone, codenamed G08. This one will have a longer chassis but other than that it will remain roughly the same. Iscrivetevi al nostro canale: Seguiteci su Facebook: Seguiteci su Twitter: - @motorionline Le nostre migliori foto su Instagram: - @motorionline Tutti gli aggiornamenti su Tumblr:
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