Aprilia Racing FMI Sport Production 2021 | Round 2 – Modena

Tight and exciting races this weekend in Modena, which has now become a custom for the Italian FMI Aprilia Sport Production Championship, where the talent of our riders always wins! Leonardo Abruzzo, poleman of the day sprints in front of everyone on the grid, but among the performing SP2 the victory of race 1 goes to Lorenzo Frasca who wins, leaving Abruzzo in second place and Mattia Bosello in third place. Race 2 is the copy of the first heat, same order of arrival! Christian Stringhetti, one of the youngest drivers of the SP1, beats everyone in race 1 with a sprint finish on Erik Michielon second and Gianmaria Ibidi third. In race 2, Ibidi improves his performance by winning ahead of the Swiss Maxime Schmid and Erik Michielon arrives in third place. Find out more about the 2021 Championship: Follow us on: @apriliasportproduction / @aprilia #ApriliaSportProduction #bearacer? #Aprilia @ohvale_official?
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