800 HP VF Engineering Supercharged Audi R8 – One Take

Get the best price online for VINCERO watches for the holidays! --- Code "SMOKIN" This 2017 Audi R8 (non-Plus) began life as a 540HP naturally-aspirated V10 car, already a potent car out of the box, but neutered by Audi from the factory. It then features VF Engineering's 'VF800' bolt-on supercharger system, which adds an intercooled TVS2300 roots-style blower which bumps the power up to 800 crank horsepower on 91 octane fuel. What we love about VF's kits is that they are designed for stock vehicles, and they are seamlessly integrated into the driving experience. Everything about the car remains exactly the same, except for the extra 200 horsepower at the wheels. Learn more about VF Supercharging kits for Audi, Lamborghini, BMW, and Porsche at:
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