615HP RennTech ‘Stage 6’ Mercedes SL55 – One take

Use code VAVAVAM2 to get the VAVA Dash Cam for $109.99 until 12/30/17 at: This 2004 Mercedes SL55, originally built for baseball player Ray Durham of the SF Giants, features, apparently, every single item available from RennTech's catalog that year. On top of the nearly $200,000 MSRP for the base car, RennTech's upgrade bill was over $108,000. Under the hood, the car gets new intercoolers, throttle body, intercooler pump, intake, manifold, and more. It then gets RennTech's big brake kit, suspension upgrade, and bodywork, along with a $15,000 stereo system. This car is an incredible example of depreciated German engineering, and Michael, the car's owner, is a hobbyist detailer, keeping the car in immaculate condition. Check out the full mod list here:
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