570 WHP Turbo Ferrari 308 by ATS Racing – One Take

Check out MVMT Watches and use code 'smokingtire' for 10% off! This 1978 Ferrari 308 is one of the most interesting and unique builds we've ever featured. The original, carbureted engine was removed (it now lives on a shelf at ATS) and a "700 crank horsepower Frankenstein engine made from at least seven dead Ferrari's" with a bottom end by legendary Ferrari tuner Bob Norwood, sits inside. Highlights include high-compression forged pistons, 348 cylinder heads, 328 oiling sytem, sequential EFI management, and a single Precision 6265 Turbo with ATS's custom air-to-water intercooler. There's an upgraded suspension, big brakes, and proper tires to back it all up, and though not exactly built for the race track, this car's performance is staggeringly good by any measure. In fact, the engine is good for quite a bit more, if there were a reasonable clutch that could handle it. This 308 is right at the top of the favorite drives we've ever taken. Special thanks to Aaron and the guys from ATS Racing for this opportinuty! Got an MR2, Lotus, Ferrari, Corvette, or anything else that needs a Turbo? Hit up ATS Racing: Special Thanks to Eagles Canyon Raceway for letting me film! For track day or membership information: Special thanks to Mason Bleadsell and Thomas Le for the cover photos and drive-by shot assistance. Full Build Sheet - 1978 Ferrari 308 ? 700hp (572 rear wheel horsepower) ? only limited by the clutch ? 308 Quattrovalve block built by Bob Norwood for his Bonneville car ? High compression JE pistons ? Carillo rods ? Custom cams ? 348 heads ? 328 oiling system ? Precision 6265 turbo ? Precision wastegate ? LINK G4+ Storm ECU ? converted from original carbs to fully sequential EFI ? ATS water to air intercooler system ? E85 fuel ? Coilovers ? Poly bushings everywhere ? Big brake setup front and rear ? 288 GTO style front air dam and fog lights ? 17? Autostrada Modena wheels with Toyo R888 tires
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