485 HP “Slumdog Millionaire” Time Attack Subaru RS Coupe – (Track) One Take

Get the limited-edition "Can't Get Fired" T-Shirt here! This video was filmed on location at the #GRIDLIFE Motorsports and Music Festival Midwest, June 2017 The "Slumdog" was created when Mechanical Advantage's owner Kendall, was in college. While in school he found a need to balance the work load with a hobby and ended up dedicating nearly all his spare time into the car. With the budget of a college student the car was lacking many things, namely those that were cosmetic. Nearly all the money that got poured into the car was put under the hood, resulting in a 540whp jalopy of a car. His Colorado tuner at the Boost Creep, nicknamed the car "The Slumdog Millionaire" and it instantly stuck, the car would forever be known as "The Slumdog". After its Initial build, the car was dedicated to drag racing running a 10.99sec quarter mile at 133mph as its best time. After a few seasons of sport compact drag racing, Kendall ventured out to an open lapping day with the car at High Plains Raceway in Colorado and never looked back. From then on the car began its road racing transformation, getting a 10pt SCCA spec roll cage, full containment seat, harnesses and more. The car continues its development all the way through 2017 as it competes in Unlimited Time Attack. The addition of specific talents of the Mechanical Advantage Team have helped this car become a monster! During this review, the engine mysteriously shuts down, requiring a coast into the paddock. A main fuse blew, killing power to the ECU, and therefore the engine. The car was repaired within 20 minutes and is fine. Powertrain: EJ257 Darton Sleeved and O-ringed Brian Crower 1200hp I beam Rods Manley Turbo Tuff Pistons Forged Subaru Crank Fully Blueprinted 673whp detuned to 485whp (485hp in one take video) B25 Subaru heads Kelford 272 Camshafts Supertech +1mm Oversized Valves Dual Supertech Valve Springs and Titanium retainers ARP 625+ Head studs ARP Case Bolts Stainless Engine Hardware Custom Front Mount Turbo kit build in house EFR9180 Front Mount Custom headers Side Dump Custom Exhaust Tial 44mm Wastegate APS 525 Intercooler with custom IC Piping Forsa Industries CNC Reverse Intake Killer B wetsump setup- Killer B oil pickup Killer B baffle plate Killer B oil pan Trunk mount radiator Dual 13? window ducts 6- 3? Naca ducts -20an coolant line Electric water pump Drivetrain: Brakes Corvette Z06 Calipers Slotted Rotors Hawk DTC70 Brake Pads Full Stainless Brake Lines Chase Bays Brake Boost Delete Jegs Adjustable Brake Bias Transmission Sti 2004 6 Speed Transmission Stock Axles R180 Rear End Aluminum Driveshaft ACT 6 Puck Clutch Suspension ISC Coilovers Whiteline 27mm Rear sway bar Whiteline 24mm Front sway bar 10 point cage with strut tower support Aero Kognition 70? Custom Chassis Mount wing Mechanical Advantage front Splitter, diffuser and canards Custom Windshield and roof side spats Custom flatbottom Interior/Wiring/Engine Management Ultrashield Full Containment race seat Sweet MFG Lightweight Racing Steering Column integrated into cage bar AUTO-Rod Controls Circuit Printed Chassis Harness Aem Infinity Standalone ecu AIM Mxl Pista Digital Dashboard with data logging Map Dccd YellowSpeed 4 Point Air Jack system Safety EMS Fire System 5qt Handheld Extinguisher
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