431 HP 2660 Lbs. – Guntherwerks 400R – One Take

Check out my written words and photos of the Guntherwerks 400R at Road Track! What if you took a Porsche 993, took it apart, and replaced every component with the most high-quality modern component available, then put the car back together? You'd probably end up with the 400R, a $575,000 resto-mod 993. It's got a 431 HP Rothsport Racing 4.0L engine, a fully carbon fiber body, square, 63" track width, motorsport suspension geometry by Emotion Engineering, and no detail has been spared. With a better power-to-weight ratio than a current 991 GT3 RS, but with no electronics or driver aids except ABS, the 400R promises one of the most thrilling Porsche driving experiences available anywhere, at any price. 25 will be built, and all are sold out. For more information visit:
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