380 HP Donzi 22 Classic – One Wake

Donzi is the original go-fast offshore boat. Back in the 1970's, Don Aronow, founder of Donzi, basically invented the speedboat genre, and Donzi's were the fastest boats around. Even the name sounds fast. This Donzi 22 Classic is basically the boat equivalent of taking a stock 1969 Ford Mustang and dropping in the Voodoo Engine out of the new Shelby, and nothing else. It's raw, intimidating, only kind of stable by modern standards, a handful to drive, but it's an absolute riot and everything you want out of a Donzi. Featuring a 380-horsepower, 8.2L Mercury Marine Inboard/outboard V8, the 22 Classic is capable of sustained 65 mph cruising. Matt fulfills a childhood dream by maxing out a Donzi in this video. Learn more about Donzi speed boats at: Special thanks to the kind folks at Iconic Marine group, builders of Donzi, Fountain, and Baja boats, for opening their doors and their docks to The Smoking Tire for these reviews.
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