Uconnect LIVE – How to create your account

You can create your UConnect LIVE Account from the Mobile App or on the Website. Watch the clip and follow the few steps below to easily complete the registration. ? Mobile App registration: Click on ?REGISTER NOW? Create your personal UConnect LIVE Account Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on ?SIGN UP?: you will soon receive an email. Click on the link you have received to confirm your account. CONGRATULATIONS! Now you can activate the UConnect LIVE services on your car. ? Website Registration: Go to Don?t you have an account yet? Click on ?SIGN UP NOW? Fill in the form to create your UConnect LIVE Account Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on ?SIGN UP?: a confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided. Click on the link to confirm your registration. CONGRATULATIONS! Now you can activate the UConnect LIVE services on your car. ? THE WORLD OF UCONNECT? LIVE You're always connected: safety and entertainment combined for a totally new driving experience. Download now Uconnect LIVE mobile app from Apple App Store and Google Play. The Uconnect? LIVE services are now active on enabled vehicles Uconnect? 5? Radio LIVE, Uconnect? 5? Radio Nav LIVE and Uconnect? 6.5? Radio Nav LIVE, stay tuned! ? ALL ROADS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Gets you there Faster. Choose your destination and discover the ease of the new touch screen display. With TomTom LIVE, have a stressless and safer journey. Stay up to date on traffic and weather, and find out if there are speed cameras or accidents ahead. ? YOUR FAVOURITE MUSIC Create your ultimate road trip soundtrack from over 35 million tracks on Deezer and discover music you?ll love with hand-picked recommendations. Combining picks from the Deezer Editors with smart technology, enjoy recommendations tailored to your tastes. Press play and go. Access TuneIn and stream your favourite music: choose from over 100,000 Internet radio stations from every continent plus 4 million podcasts. Wherever and whenever you like! The best of sports, news, music and talks. Pick your favourites now! ? YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS Bring the best of social networks aboard! Share your ideas on Twitter directly from your radio and stay in touch with your friends on Facebook | Check In. Keep yourself up to date! ? NEWS FROM THE WORLD Grow your interests! Keep yourself updated on all the latest news with Reuters. Choose the subjects you are most interested in, and listen to your personal selection of news while driving: without distractions! ? REDUCE COSTS AND CO2 EMISSIONS Improve your driving style with eco:Drive?! Save fuel and check your car's CO2 emissions in real time. You can also monitor your progress at home, both from your computer and smartphone. ? TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAR Stay synced with your car with the Uconnect? LIVE app. Are you having trouble remembering where you parked? Let my:Car remind you. And there's more: it will also tell you how much fuel is left, and if there's anything wrong with your car. Launch my:Car now and access your car on your computer or smartphone. UCONNECT LIVE: Drive Your Digital World
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