Turbocharged, Manual 1978 “Trolls Royce” Silver Shadow II – One Take

This 1978 Rolls Roys Silver Shadow II is the frankenstein Rolls Royce we all would bulld, if we were just crazy and determined enough. Owner/Builder Corbin Goodwin, of "Zero Fucks Given RX7" fame, took on this project as a challenge and because he's nuts. Powered by the stock 6 3/4L V8 but with the addition of a single, intercooled turbocharger, the Trolls Royce makes an estimated 400 horsepower through a manual transmission scavenged from a Ford Super Duty pickup truck. It rides on a performance-oriented suspension, and its most unique feature, a trunk-mounted radiator system with external plumbing ,required in order to fit the turbocharger up front. It's ugly, mean, loud, and offensive in every way. But get this: It drives AWESOME. Check out Corbin's Hit Show on YouTube! Follow Corbin on Instagram:
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