TST Podcast #323 – Derek Whitacre, Emelia Hartford

2 Part Show! Composer/filmmaker/Porsche driver, Derek Whitacre and then drifter/wrench/YouTuber, Emelia Hartford. 1st: Derek Whitacre -who brought his turbocharged 1982 Porsche 911SC to a One Take shoot that had rain, which is perfect - is here to talk about car and his documentary, "We Live Machinery", about the 2015 Targa Baja California. 2nd: Emelia Hartford is a YouTuber, wrench, time attacker-turned-drifter who quit her day job to build cars and make YouTube videos full time. She sits down to talk about LS1 swaps, center cards, clickbait, charity, and a lot more . Get the audio version of this podcast wherever you get podcasts, or at the source page: Derek Whitacre - IG: @real_derek_whitacre - Documentary "We Live Machinery" at Emilia Hartford - - IG: @ms.emilia
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