TST Podcast #295 – Alex Roy and A.I. Design’s Matt Figliola

In this episode, recorded on location, Matt visits O.G. Luxury Tuner and customizer Matt Figliola, founder of AI Design in Tuckahoe, NY. Matt and his band of genius craftsmen have been building tricked out luxury vehicles since 1992, and have set several industry standards for incredible, stealth design. Matt Figliola is also credited with popularizing Matte Black paint in 2005, upon revealing a then-unknown skateboarder named Ken Block's customized CLS55. Matt discusses trends in the customizing industry, revisits some of his favorite builds, and talks about some of the insane technologies his customers ask him to install into their vehicles. We also dissect some of the best technologies and speakers in the car stereo market. One of AI's most famous builds is Alex Roy's "Polizei144" BMW M5, so Alex joins us to talk about augmented reality, autonomous driving, and what the future of luxury customizing might look like. Check out AI Design's crazy work at: Check out Alex's new high-end NYC Stereo Boutique at:
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