This is the Ferrari 512 BB LM – Villa d’Este 2021

During the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2021 at Cernobbio I have filmed this Ferrari 512 BB LM. The genesis of Ferrari?s small series of 512 BB/LM race cars is, rather naturally, due to Luigi Chinetti. Between 1975 and 1977, NART ran a heavily modified 365 GT4/BB in competition. Meanwhile, Chinetti was lobbying Ferrari to step in with a run of works-prepared cars based on the 512 BB platform. Maranello acquiesced in 1978, and provided four examples of the "Series 1" BB/LM to privateers; one for NART/Chinetti, one for Ecurie Francorchamps/Swaters, and two for the eponymous Ecurie Charles Pozzi. The 512 BB/LMs immediately proved to be remarkably quick due to their severely reduced weight, exaggerated aerodynamics, and increased power. By 1981, the factory-prepared 512 BB/LM had been thoroughly refined as an even sleeker and quicker model, the "Series 3." The thin bodywork features extremely wide arches, revised intake ducts on the skirts and front fascia, and an extended, aerodynamic nose with low, gentle lines that taper rearward into the car?s dramatically elongated tail section. The mechanicals of the 5.0-liter F102B flat-twelve engine were similarly upgraded with forged internals and high compression pistons. In this final form, the Series 3 BB/LM boasted a factory rating of 480 horsepower. Make sure you like and comment the video, but also subscribe to the channel! *Michael - Automotive Mike* Socials: ?? ??
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