Storie Alfa Romeo | Episode 10: Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio | 110th Anniversary

Let?s keep celebrating our 110th anniversary with two masterpieces made in Alfa Romeo: Giulia and Stelvio. With the goal of starting a new chapter of its history, Alfa Romeo created Giulia and Stelvio. One is a head-turning sedan, the other is the first Alfa Romeo SUV. The Quadrifoglio versions of these two cars broke N?rburgring?s track record, establishing themselves at the top of their categories. Their V6 2.9 510HP engine is paired with a CDC (Chassis Domain Control) and many other technological breakthroughs designed to combine power and adrenaline with control and safety. But it?s not just about track performances. Over the last five years, Giulia and Stelvio have become the most frequently awarded Alfa Romeo cars ever, with 170 international titles awarded by specialized newspapers and generalist media, voted by juries of experts or directly by customers, dedicated to both innovation and style. Discover more:
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