Panda cross – Challenge the Trail

With Fiat Panda Cross, challenging paths are easier and safer to travel, thanks to its features: when you activate the off-road driving option, the four-wheel drive is permanently activated and the ELD (Electronic Locking Differential) is switched on. The ELD is a system that improves the wheels' adherence on the terrain. In the case of a steep and difficult descent, the Panda Cross has a "hill descent control" option, enabling the car to slow down to and to keep a constant speed, working on the brakes in a differentiated way. The innovative lights highlight the off-road character of this compact SUV, like the new fog lights integrated in the lip with the logo, and the LED day-lights integrated in the skid plate. For more information on Panda Cross please visit the dedicated website: VIDEO PRODUCED WITH PROFESSIONAL OFF-ROAD PILOTS ON CLOSED CIRCUITS.
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