New Fiat 500 | You ask, Fiat answers | Press conference – full version

Olivier Francois, President of Fiat Brand, introduces the all new 500 ?3+1? and the whole new 500 line-up, during the international press conference at Lingotto, Turin. For safety purposes, this video was shot without audience, in full compliance with social distancing. Here is what you?ll find in the video: 0:00 - Introduction by Brand President Olivier Francois; 4:13 - Manufacturing and production at Mirafiori; 8:35 - Prices; 10:31 - The full range: trims, colors, customisation; 23:40 - Alternatives to purchase; 30:47 - Engineering solutions and technical details behind the all new 500; 46:06 - E-mobility: advantages and dedicated services; 53:34 - What?s next? The future of FCA and upcoming projects. Ready to be thrilled? Enjoy the video.
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