New Fiat 500 Giorgio Armani | Official Unveiling

Creativity has its standards. Status symbols have ethics. And an unmistakable signature: one of the kings of Italian fashion, Giorgio Armani. Born to be unique, the New Fiat 500 Giorgio Armani embodies all the boldness of the revolutionary fashion designer admired by the entire world. A classic design remastered, shaped both by a unique sense of elegance and by the will of a smarter cosmopolitan attitude. Timeless haute couture tailoring and sustainability, all in one. Discover also the other unique one-offs, exclusively designed also by Kartell and Bulgari. All rights reserved. This video is exclusive property of FCA and FCA is the copyright holder. This video can be exclusively viewed on official FCA channels and it?s available in a restricted number of countries. Video is not meant to be downloaded. Copy, reproduction, modification, sharing or accessibility to third parties without a preventive and written FCA authorization is prohibited. Any other use not explicitly written in this disclaimer is strictly forbidden and will be considered as a violation of FCA rights.
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