New Fiat 500 | All-in ft. Leonardo Di Caprio

The ?All-In? video dedicated to the New 500 ?La Prima? starring Leonardo Di Caprio, the actor who has for over 20 years been committed to fighting climate change and defending biodiversity. The star and activist has embraced the philosophy of the New 500 and wanted to offer his endorsement for Fiat's mission inviting everyone to make a major commitment to act on climate change, aiming at sustainability: "We need to go all in," he says in his speech. Fiat accepted the challenge inspired by change and the desire to give the Earth a better future and offered its most precious jewel by fully electrifying the 500. Discover more on: Follow us! - Facebook: - Twitter: - Instagram: All rights reserved. This video is exclusive property of FCA and FCA is the copyright holder. This video can be exclusively viewed on official FCA channels and it?s available in a restricted number of countries. Video is not meant to be downloaded. Copy, reproduction, modification, sharing or accessibility to third parties without a preventive and written FCA authorization is prohibited. Any other use not explicitly written in this disclaimer is strictly forbidden and will be considered as a violation of FCA rights.
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