Huracán STO and the ‘cofango’

We had a conversation with Andrea Farina about Hurac?n STO and its cutting-edge ?cofango?. Our engineers coined the term, combining the Italian words ?cofano? (hood) and ?parafango?. The cofango incorporates new air ducts on the front bonnet to improve engine cooling and help generate downforce. Its shape helps push the airflow on top of the front fenders to increase downforce. It is an innovative solution that increases Hurac?n STO?s speed. ? #Lamborghini #HuracanSTO Discover more: __ Hurac?n STO: fuel consumption combined 13.9 l/100km; CO2-emissions combined 331 g/km (WLTP EU27) Subscribe to our channel and never miss our new videos. Join the conversation with #Lamborghini and never miss a post on
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