From racetrack to road: Huracán STO

Hurac?n STO brings the thrill of racing to the road. Inspired by Lamborghini Squadra Corse?s Hurac?n Super Trofeo EVO and Hurac?n GT3 EVO, 24 Hours Dayton three-time winner and 12 Hours Sebring two-time winner. Built with premium ultralight materials, our Super Sports Car?s advanced design concept integrates cutting-edge aerodynamic solutions. It is a breakthrough in automotive engineering. Experience the authentic feel of racing whenever you drive. #Lamborghini #HuracanSTO #BasedOnATrueStory __ Hurac?n STO: fuel consumption combined 13.9 l/100km; CO2-emissions combined 331 g/km (WLTP EU27) Subscribe to our channel and never miss our new videos. Join the conversation with #Lamborghini and never miss a post on
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