Expedition-Ready Mercedes G500 – (Off-Road) One Take

Meet Sergei and Ilya, father and son off-road enthusiasts. Sergei is an engineer by trade and for fun, they participate in the Nevada Trophy events; large-scale Geocaching searches across vast expanses of northern Nevada. So they needed the appropriate vehicle with which to roam the high desert in total comfort and luxury: a Mercedes G500. Purchased used, this 2003 G500 has been upgraded to full Expedition status by Sergei himself, and features sleeping quarters for 2, a refrigerator, exterior and interior lighting, an air compressor, gun rack, storage compartments, a secondary electrical system, HAM and CB Radios, and that's just on the inside! The stealth-looking G-Wagen also sports double-Fox shocks with upgraded ORC springs, skid plates, and 35" BFG Mud-Terrain tires.
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