Daily Driven, Modified 1968 Porsche 912 – One Take

This Porsche 912 is a spectacular example that is not only fast, spotless, and sorted, but also the owner Kevin Lynch's daily driver in Los Angeles. Underneath the bonnet lies a Benton Performance-built 1.7L four-cylinder engine with forged internals, hot cams, and twin spark, so rather than the standard 92-horsepower, this 912 makes upwards of 130 horsepower. This is a complete, sorted build with great suspension, brakes, and a clean, comfortable interior. Some (incuding me, maybe) think it's kinda silly to go this far in a 912 rather than a 911, but if you're going to build a 912, Kevin's car should be the template. Check out Kevin's IG for more photos of the 912! Check out ? It's a foundation started by Kevin and his wife, to fund paid apprenticeships in vintage auto restoration and race support, giving a young person without experience a potential start at a shop, minimally building a resume, potentially permanent employment if they do well. It?s good for the youth to get to work, good for the ?masters? to pass on their trade, and good for the car owners in that it creates a sustainable community. We are selling some cool branded product (more to come), and taking donations, to fund each. Complete Build Sheet: 1968 Bahama Yellow Porsche 912 ? factory original color, numbers matching car ? nickname is the ?Bahammer?, a blend of words melted together late one night at the shop after too much work, too little sleep, and just enough alcohol (not my creation, I am just the recipient here) Engine mods: 1.7 twin spark motor, with: knife edge crank, custom forged aluminum pistons, carrillo rods, high lift cam, enhanced valves and hardware, modified twin Weber 44s, custom twin spark ignition with twin hot coils and twin 3 pin CDI boxes Gearbox: 5 speed 901 ?dog leg? gearbox with modified gear set and short shift kit Suspension: Custom torsion bar, sway bars front and rear, modified disc brakes, corner balanced and slightly lowered stance Exterior: Paint done by Shane at East Auto Body, in my opinion one of the best single stage Glasurit painters in California; factory Fuchs ?deep six? wheels (found in a parking lot sale in Stuttgart when visiting the factory one weekend), skinned with Yokohama S-Drive 15x205x55 tires; euro-spec lighting on all the corners, with LED bulbs used in all the indicators and gauges (but I did keep the 1968 US only side indicators, a religious debate among 1968 Porsche owners); H1 headlights from John Audette in Oregon, modified to use an HID element (super bright, one of a kind) Interior: RS 380 mm steering wheel; modified gauges with ?911 style? data, plus a few additions; sport seats in leather with nickel grommets from GTS Classics in Austin; aluminum floor boards; custom shift knob from a friend in Mexico (the first and original ?victory flag? that has now been copied by countless many); Heuer triple plate with a Super Autavia (found in a Portuguese Navy surplus yard sale, another weekend story), a Monte Carlo 3 button, and an Auto Rallye ? three of 26 time pieces (so far) I have found, improved, and traded to arrive at a few ?signature? sets as a configuration on my cars; Bluetooth connectivity for phone and music; RS style custom door release
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