Brett Loudermilk & Rob Zabrecky: The Magic of Being Different

The private member club ‘Magic Castle’ in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angels is the Mecca for magicians; people like Orson Wells, Carry Grant and David Copperfield have all come here to perform. When Brett Loudermilk was a little boy he dreamt of coming to this place. Fascinated by the world of magic, circus and performance, this child was different from others. He walked on glass, hammered a nail into his nose and when he saw a sword swallower on TV at the age of 15, he simply tracked down his number and asked him to teach this very dangerous side act over the phone. Today Brett is 23 years old and still the youngest professional sword swallower in the world. He brings so much humor and a modern approach to one of the oldest and unfortunately dying forms of attraction. His trademark is never to talk about how dangerous his acts are. Most of the time it is hard to believe that his performances are not faked. They are almost like magic. Coming to the ‘Magic Castle’, Brett one day discovered a very unique magician: Rob Zabrecky. There is no glitter, no drums, and no theater when Rob enters he stage. He has created a persona that is so fascinating to watch and that truly makes magic an art form again. Like other artists, Rob’s journey into magic is self-discovery. He doesn’t take his inspirations from other magicians, but from music, Dadaism, movies and every day life. He sees life as magic and his acts reveal his personality more than creating huge illusions à la Copperfield

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