BMW ‘Spec E46’ 330ci – (Track) One Take

Filmed at the #GRIDLIFE Motorsports and Music Festival, Gingerman Raceway, South Haven, MI, June 2017. For information about upcoming #GRIDLIFE events visit: This BMW 330ci has been turned into a competitive Spec E46 race car, in accordance with their rules by weekend racer Bill Griffin using parts from Turner Motorsport and others, and running a Turner tribute livery. Full Build List: Engine:Stock M54 motor (maximum 225hp)E36 headers and spec Magnaflow exhaust system, Epic Motorsports tune, VAC Motrosports oil pan baffle and oil pump shaft upgrade. JB Racing light weight flywheel and Sachs clutch. Suspension:MCS single adjustable non remote shocks with Hyperco springs, Turner swaybars, lower control arms, shocks mounts and chamber plates. Chassis: AKG Motorsport engine, tranny and diff mounts along with subframe reinforcing kit and AKG shifter. Brakes: are stock clalipers and rotors (per spec rules) solid brass caliper bushings, stainless steel lines and Hawk DTC 60 pads. Driveline:3J Driveline clutch type LSD. Apex 17x9 wheels and Toyo RR 255/40 for dry and RA1 235/40 for wet. Interior:Custom built roll cage, VAC Motorsports seat mounts and Sparco seat. TRS harness. Momo steering wheel. AiM solo DL. Link to build thread:
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