Bmw Hybrid 7 Series V12

Marco records a very rare Bmw Hybrid 7. Here the description of this amazing car: BMW plans to offer a car that runs on both petrol and hydrogen, to be called the Hydrogen 7. Drivers will be able to switch what fuel they are using with the push of a button. However, only 100 will be built in total. It is based on the chassis of the standard 7-series. It is capable of running on gasoline and hydrogen (bivalent). Further, the energy stored in hydrogen can be used in two ways. A conventional combustion engine is capable of converting this energy directly into drive power. As an alternative, the hydrogen can be flown into a fuel cell to generate electrical energy. The average fuel economy stands at 16.6 km/l. When the car is not being used, the liquid hydrogen slowly heats up and evaporates into gaseous hydrogen. The hydrogen gas tank safely vents the gaseous hydrogen, but this means the car can lose half its hydrogen fuel in 8 days. The car is powered by a 260 kW (349 hp), 12-cylinder engine. Top speed is limited to 229 km/h (142 mph) and 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) is 9.5 seconds. It cost 1 Million $ .

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