BMW 6 series GT – spy video

Along with the Sedan and Touring, the Gran Turismo will arrive in early 2017. For the first time, BMW is said to plan a roll-out of all three models concurrently. The big new, however: The GT won?t be named after the 5-series but will get the 6-series GT moniker. Talking the shape of the car, the Bavarians used a lot of the current BMW design, starting with the headlights flowing into the kidney grille and the sporty character line flowing across the side of the car. The new 6-series GT will retain the same roof line as today?s model, but with a more appealing boot design. Inside, BMW will stay true to its classy, sporty and premium design, but with a new touch. Expect to see a redesigned dashboard with the free-standing LCD display and tons of premium features currently found in higher-end models. Buyers will also see the new iDrive system with touchscreen and gesture-based functions and the over-the-air updates for the car. The new G3x family is built upon the CLAR platform, which will be found in the next 3-, 5-, 6- and 7-series models. The platform mixes high-strength steel, aluminium and carbon fibre to drop around 80 kg from today?s 5-series. CLAR, a contraction of Cluster Architecture, depicts the extra flexibility provided by fewer but more versatile submodules (clusters) which are more extensively adjustable in content, size and adaptability. BMW is grouping 500-cc cylinders together to create three-, four- and six-pot engines, with 60 per cent common parts. A 2.0-litre four-cylinder will power the 620d and the 231-hp 625d, while the leading petrol four is a 272-hp 628i. A three cylinder engine will power a 618d with around 150 horsepower. Engine size dictates which suspensions slot into place: smaller-engined GTs (and 5-serieses alike) share front axles with the next 3-series, but go for a six- or eight-cylinder GT and you?ll get the front axle from the next 7-series instead. At the high-end of the new G30 lineup, we will continue to see the six-cylinder engines, in the 530i and 630i with 333 horsepower, 540i (640i) with 375 hp and the 286-hp 530d (630d) and 333-hp 535d (635d) and the M550d (M650d) with 400 hp. The last one is rumoured to now feature four turbochargers which should offer astonishing fuel efficiency. Iscrivetevi al nostro canale: Seguiteci su Facebook: Seguiteci su Twitter: - @motorionline Le nostre migliori foto su Instagram: - @motorionline Tutti gli aggiornamenti su Tumblr:
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