Antonio Santini and Marc Haeberlin visit Ferrari

What do Michelin-starred chefs and Ferrari have in common? A deep connection with tradition, a commitment to continual innovation and a focus on technology according to two top international chefs that visited Maranello in recent days. Italian Antonio Santini holds three Michelin stars with his wife at the Ristorante dal Pescatore at Canneto sull?Oglio, a feat equalled by Marc Haeberlin of the Auberge de l?Ill restaurant which has been in business in Alsace in France for over a century. At the end of their factory tour, Santini and Haeberlin paused to admire the latest addition to the Ferrari range, the 488 Spider. They explain what the products of their art share with the Prancing Horse cars in this video. Subscribe ferrariworld: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Ferrari Since 1947
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