600 HP HyperFast Ford Raptor – One Take

Use code 'TST5' for $5 off at Petrolbox! The new, 2018 Ford Raptor features a twin-turbo 3.5L V6 which shares its architecture with several other Ford cars from the Explorer to the Ford GT supercar. It seems Ford has left quite a bit of power on the table, because Hypercar Engineering of Charlotte, NC seems to have found an extra 125 Wheel Horsepower and 172 lb/ft of torque with an upgraded true dual 3" exhaust, all-aluminum intercooler, and an ECU tune. That is an excellent figure, and so Matt headed out to some California Fire Roads for a quick blast. Check out more about HyperCar Development's packages for McLaren 600 and 500 series cars and the Ford Raptor!
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