450 HP ATS Racing 1990 Lotus Esprit SE – One Take

Get the best price on VINCERO at: http://www. Use Code "Smokin" When Lotus sold this car new in 1990, the Esprit SE made 284 HP from a turbocharged 2.1L Inline-4, an incredibly stout number for the time, thanks to forged internals and hot cams from the factory. ATS Racing of Denton, Texas went to town, and this stock-bottom-end Lotus now makes 450 HP at the crank, 380 HP at the wheels. At under 3,000 Lbs stock, the Esprit goes from fast to missile thanks to ATS's upgrades. Got an MR2, Lotus, Ferrari, Corvette, or anything else that needs a Turbo? Hit up ATS Racing: Special Thanks to Eagles Canyon Raceway for letting me film! For track day or membership information: Special thanks to Mason Bleadsell and Thomas Le for the cover photos and drive-by shot assistance. Full build sheet: ? Garrett GT3071R ball bearing turbo ? Tubular manifold, 3? downpipe with electronic cut-out ? ATS Exotics tuned chip ? ATS Exotics water to air intercooler core with electric water pump ? Ported intake manifold inlet with intake plenum spacer ? Walbro fuel pump with ATS Exotics upgraded wiring ? Larger secondary injectors ? Revolution Brakes Front Big Brake Kit ? Rear brakes from a later model Esprit S4 ? 18? wheels ? Coilovers
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