[19Bozzy92′ POV – 3D Binaural Audio Experience #4] – F1 2017 Official Test in Spain

Finally here you are what you asked the most during the last months! I'm really glad you enjoyed these kind of videos last year. So during my stay in Spain for the 2017 F1 official pre-season tests I was able to make the first 3D audio recording of the year and it sounds really good in my opinion. Watching and hearing this video you'll follow me on a short walk starting from the exit of Barcelona circuit's turn 9, then moving to the entrance of the same corner "connected" to the nearby turn 4. Then you'll see me going down to turns 8, 7 and 6 and then stopping for a while in the middle of the track between turn 1 and turn 5 6. The video ends inside turn 5. As you'll see I have made a great improvement to the video: since in the last ones many of you pointed out the fact that cars are too small in the video (due to the unzoomed view of the Go Pro) I tried to avoid this problem by switching from the Go Pro scene to the one recorded with my camcorder, of course when possible, and leaving the binaural audio for the entire video. Of course this change doesn't affect the binaural effect since my head moves simultaneously with the camcorder. Let me know what you think!! I still have something to improve and I promise I'll do it for the next binaural video such as the stabilize the Go Pro shot and put it on "medium FOV" at least to zoom a bit the video. Then of course the boredom factor: seems like when I start recording a 3D audio video cars and drivers don't want to stay on track XD if you want to skip some parts I'd suggest you to skip the first 10-11 minutes but the second part is really really good. Some cool things you'll find in the video: - at 4:15 "you'll see" me assemble my Canon camera in record time - 18:48, 20:13 20:30 are my favorite parts of the video - 19:02 you can hear the wind blowing in you ear and then me putting on my lovely wind shields XD --- What the hell is a 3D/Binaural recording? --- Binaural recordings are reproductions of sound the way human ears hear it. Traditionally, recordings have been made using mono or stereo. Mono uses a single microphone while stereo uses two, spaced apart from each other. Binaural recording takes the stereo method one step further by placing two microphones approximately at the same average distance that exists between one and the other human ear. To recreate the best effect you must put the microphones in your ears or by using a "dummy head" (wherein a mannequin head is outfitted with a microphone in each ear) because having a real head or a head shape that separates the two microphones is what makes the magic works. In fact if a car passes on your left side the sound will take a few extra microseconds to reach the right ear and it will also be louder in one ear (left) than the other. This is caused by the fact we have a thick skull and spongy brain between the two ears and sound waves interact with the physical constitution of the listener and the surrounding space. I have to say a huge "thanks" to my friend and Youtuber Italiansupercarvideo with whom we decided to set up a collaboration for the occasion and spent with him three amazing days at this awesome circuit! Don't forget to subscribe to his great automotive channel for more videos at this link: -- Subscribe to my 2nd channel here: You can also find and follow me on: - Flickr: - Facebook: - Google+: - Instagram: - Camcorder: Go Pro HERO 4 Black Soundman OKM II Studio A3 3D Binaural Microphone + Canon Legria HF G40 - Event: GT Open 2016 - Where: Autodromo di Monza, Italy Link To My Channel: THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SUBSCRIBE!!!
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