1988 Callaway Twin Turbo C4 Corvette – One Take

This Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette is one of the rarest and fastest C4 Corvettes ever, as it is #12 of only 125 produced. Presented in mostly stock condition with mild improvements recommended by Callaway and converted to run on E85, this example recently dyno'ed 476 Wheel Horsepower and 607 lb/ft of torque. As expected, it is a completely unique driving experience in every way. Check out The Smoking Tire Podcast with Pete Callaway! Special thanks to Aaron and the guys from ATS Racing for this opportinuty! Got an MR2, Lotus, Ferrari, Corvette, or anything else that needs a Turbo? Hit up ATS Racing: Special Thanks to Eagles Canyon Raceway for letting me film! For track day or membership information: Special thanks to Mason Bleadsell and Thomas Le for the cover photos and drive-by shot assistance. Full Build Sheet - 1988 Callaway Twin Turbo ? 560hp (475 rear wheel horsepower), 700+ lb-ft (606 rear wheel torque) ? ATS Exotics tuned chip and piggyback ECU ? ATS Racing ?Wonderbar? intake mod ? TPIS ZZ9 camshaft ? Roller rockers ? Ported intake manifold and plenum ? Dynomax 3? exhaust ? Larger injectors and fuel pump ? E85 fuel
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