1954-56 Lancia D50 F1 GREAT RAW V8 Sound In Action!

Here you are a video of the only Lancia-branded F1 car: the Lancia D50. The car was conceived in 1953 and made its first appearance in late 1954 driven by Alberto Ascari and Luigi Villoresi during the Spanish GP, claiming the pole position with Ascari by a full second from Juan Manuel Fangio?s Mercedes (the car which had qualified first for four of the previous five F1 1994 races). Why this car was so special? Mainly because of the the excellent study and design made by Vittorio Jano. He was able to create a very compact car with a very low gravity's centre and all weight concentrate between the wheels. This was possible thanks to two expedients: fuel /oil tanks placed between the two wheels and the use of a V-engine (instead of the largely used straight-6/8). The fuel tank was traditionally placed behind the rear axle. But in this new position it means fuel load was a key factor to effect the handling of the car: following the continuous drop in fuel (caused by consumption in the race), the D50 seemed to enjoy an exceptional stability with full tanks, but was going to decline as they emptied. Without forgetting that they also had an aerodynamic function. The engine was quite special too. It was a new 2.5L N/A V8 engine, designed and built by Ettore Zaccone Mina, and was able to produce around 250hp and 210 Nm of torque. Thanks to the "V" structure, it took up less space than straight-6/straight-8 engines used by Ferrari and Mercedes and it allows to lower the center of gravity. This V8 was a so called "stressed member engine" which means it was used as an active structural element of the chassis to transmit forces and torques. Lastly it was angled at 12 degrees to allow the driveshaft to pass left of the driver's seat and lowering the seat position for the benefit of aerodynamics. The car was raced in other 5 races till 1955 (Monaco GP) but after the tragic accident of Alberto Ascari during a Ferrari test at Monza Circuit Lancia announced the definitive suspension of the F1 activity also caused by Lancia's financial crisis. But the D50 continue to race untill 1956 under the Ferrari brand. In fact an agreement was signed between Fiat, Ferrari and Lancia according to which Lancia gave Ferrari six D50s, two bodies, some mechanical components and numerous spare parts for free. Ferrari also received a contribution of 50 million a year for five years from Fiat in order to race and manage the F1 activity. This single-seater, recalled Lancia-Ferrari D50 or Ferrari D50, was conveniently revised by the Emilian technicians and it allowed Juan Manuel Fangio to win the 1956 World Championship. In this video you can enjoy the lovely and raw V8 melody of a few of them I recorded at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed and the 2015 Salone dell'Auto Parco Valentino in Turin. The two full red ones are probabily the same car and "genuine" Lancia D50. The second one with the green front, should be a Ferrari D50. -- Subscribe to my 2nd channel here: You can also find and follow me on: - Flickr: - Facebook: - Google+: - Instagram: - Camcorder: Canon Legria HF G40 + Canon DM-100 Microphone - Event: Festival of Speed 2017 - Where: Goodwood, England Link To My Channel: THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SUBSCRIBE!!!
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